Hey WhatsApp?

When did we last see each other face to Facebook and have a good old Twitter? We are plugged in and turned on 24/7 with constant connection at our fingertips but when do we ever switch off?

In a world where the majority of the population would rather communicate through Apps than face to face, a savvy start up creates a saviour space for millennials who feel overwhelmed. Zone Out allows users to unplug and be with their thoughts in peace until they are ready to connect. When one woman is running and the other is seeking will they find the solace they are looking for?

Welcome to Zone Out – would you like to connect to another user?

The central themes of this play are friendship, loss, loneliness, and finding connections. The piece has evolved out of an exploration into the notion of communication in the modern day and particularly how women’s voices are shared and heard.


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Forthcoming dates

Find Me premiered at VAULT Festival in London on March 15th 2020. We are continuing to develop the show with the aim of future productions.